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Thank you for visiting Luccy Paper Krafts!

Thank you for visiting Luccy Paper Kraft’s Shop. Here you will find Kids' Birthday Cake Toppers, Custom Cake Toppers, Party Favor Boxes, Personalized Party Decor Items, Baby Shower Cake Toppers, Birthday Boy Cake Decorations, Birthday Gir Cake Decorations, 3D Lettering Decorations and so much more, to make your child's birthday a great, memorable experience.

I am very dedicated to my party decor small business and I would be thrilled if you help me to grow. I am looking forward to your order and I will do it with great affection!

With a background as a kindergarten teacher I have been passionate about creating handcrafted products since 2016. First, I had a Polymer Clay Atelier where I taught classes on how to make handmade products using modeling clay. When I was a teacher I loved making ornaments for my students and on commemorative dates.

In 2016 I moved to the USA and in 2021 I started making party decoration items like cake toppers, party favor boxes, etc. I love making handicrafts and wanted to work from home so I could spend more time with my family and take care of my home. I enjoy the freedom to develop paper decorations for children's parties and then seeing the guests enjoy my handmade party themes and designs.

Here in my shop you will find:
- Birthday Cake Toppers
- Themed Cake Toppers
- Party Favor Boxes
- Baby Cake Toppers (these are great for baby showers, baby gender revelations)
- 3D Decorations (for birthday table decor)
- Custom & Personalized Party Decor (you can choose an item and I will personalize with a number, birthday person's name, letter, etc)
- Boy Party Decoration Banners, Table Tops, Cake Tops, Cupcake tops
- Girl Party Decoration Banners, Table Tops, Cake Tops, Cupcake tops

I hope you will enjoy my products and if you have any questions, you can reach me via my Etsy store messaging.

Thank you,

Luccy Cortez

PS: Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @luccycortez.